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Antolini ITALY

Author: STC
Article Date: 01.10.2016

Antolini's natural stone enlivens living spaces with urban retro touches precious islands suspended in sophisticated spaces with an eclectic-contemporary taste.
A  retro  atmosphere  for  a  sophisticated  living  room  with  shades  of  greys,  blues,  dark  blue-green and  brass. The  setting  conceived  by  Alessandro  La  Spada  for  Antolini  at  the  Salone  del  Mobile 2016  is  inspired  by  an  urban taste with  vintage  touches,  displaying  the  much  sought-after expressivity of natural stone to create surprising scenic backdrops from which unique pieces with unmistakable  personality  emerge. 
The  power  of  "Sequoia  Brown",  the  tectonic value  of  which creates  a  strong  contrast  with  the  organic  design  of  the  furnishings,  is  expressed  through  its veining and the finishes that arise from the emphasis of the natural surfaces by the light.  
Within this setting, tables, desks and dressing tables ("Molecole" model -designed and produced for Clan) rise up like islands of material with tops in Irish Green, Fusion Wow, original dark leather finish and  quartzite  Michelangelo;  capable  of  enriching  the  overall  setting,  they  enhance  the natural surfaces with flashes of strong character. 
Other components of the seductive charm are the objects designed by Clan, such as the 6 and 12 bulb  Luz  chandeliers  in  satin- finished  bronze-lacquered  brass,  the  Armchair,  the  Maya  pouf, covered in decorated velvet, the Rodrigo floor lamp and the Snake sofa in Elitis LB 69147 velvet.A unique, made- to -measure piece, the motorbike provided by South Garage together with two vivid helmets,  helps  to  give  a  touch  of urban  glamour  to  this  eclectic  and  contemporary  space, displaying, by contrast, the natural beauty of the stone.