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Hector Ruiz-velazquez Embellishes Starlite with his Natura

Author: STC
Article Date: 01.10.2016

The collections by Levantina dress the essence of the Welcome Desk space designed by architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez for the VIP area of the best summer event of the year: Starlite Marbella. 
The unique location in the Nagüeles quarry in Marbella transforms this event in a world reference. It is, among other things, one of the most stunning leisure formats of the last years. A natural stone open-air amphitheatre with amazing acoustics shelters the best music concerts and the most anticipated artists of the year from 14 July to 20 August. Starlite is the cultural and social reference of the summer.
For this occasion and with great international experience in this type of festive events, the architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez was inspired by the essence of the location for the event. He has created an astonishing mix of luxury and glamour for the VIP reception area, which houses and becomes a social entrance hall for a very exclusive audience: WELCOME DESK.
The whole space seems extracted from the quarry, with chiselled walls and floors. All the surfaces gain relevance thanks to the appropriate use and combination of the Natural Stone collections by Levantina. Thus, planes integrate with each other generating natural continuous surroundings. All the designed architectural elements are integrated - desk, bar, and even the fireplace-. The sensation extends from floor to ceiling, and offers a unique feeling of authenticity, exclusiveness and luxury.
Levantina gives the audience a unique opportunity to enjoy an inspiring model of material combination and architecture taken to the limit by the professionalism of the architect decorating the space.
Hector Ruiz, Art Director of all the international editions of the event, tells us about the importance and the possibilities that Levantina's products offer him when tackling projects with the aesthetic and media demands of Starlite. He also considers it an opportunity to project unlimited spaces, experimenting with the kindness of the product: "After last year's great experience with the Crema Marfil Coto® marble, I wanted to evolve and apply stronger stone, with more personality. That is the reason I chose granite, unique and exclusive, to provide the Welcome desk with a dramatic character."
Starlite is much more than concerts. It is a meeting place, a social and cultural reference for architecture, haute cuisine, movie premieres, fashion shows, art exhibitions and the most exclusive parties of the summer. Each night, at Starlight Night, the space fills up with light, glamour, exclusiveness and parties. We also cannot forget the night dedicated to philanthropy, STARLITE GALA, hosted by none other than Antonio Banderas.