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LUNDHS Ocean® for both Residential and Commercial Projects

Author: STC
Article Date: 01.07.2016

Lundhs Ocean®is perfect for both residential and commercial projects. Lundhs has expanded production of this material so that one  can rely on the delivery for future projects. Furthermore Lundhs Ocean®has no quartz so there is no risk of silicosis.
Lundhs' quarrying traditions go back more than 100 years, and ensures stability, reliability and quality for all our customers. Most of the quarries are located around the city of Larvik in Norway. Lundhs supply top-quality Larvikite and Anorthosite and one of them is the LUNDHS Ocean®. The quarry was originally opened more than 30 years ago and previously the annual production was rather low. Since Lundhs AS took over the quarry, a lot has happened. New areas in the quarry have opened and the quarry now produces more compact blocks of stone with more blue crystals.The production is stable and Lundhs can ensure deliveries for your various projects. The quarry can produce quantities up to 10,000 m³ per year.
Lundhs Ocean®is a very homogeneous material and has round crystals, which ensures that the beautiful crystals will be visible in all the cutting direction. Therefore, the material has a low waste percentage when you cut it and thus,is very cost efficient. Lundhs Ocean® is one of the most suitable project material of the various Lundhs' materials. The quarry delivers HQ and Classic colored materials in both 1st and 2nd  choice qualities of blocks suitable for block cutter and gangsaw. LUNDHS Ocean®is available in a number of surface treatments suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
LUNDHS Ocean®has no free quartz and will not cause silicosis. The feldspar crystals give the materials high density and low absorption.
The Kangli Financial Building, located on the beach road on the east side of Xiamen Island in China, is a successful project with LUNDHS Ocean® .  Shenzhen Kangli Stone Arts and Crafts Co. were the stone supplier for this project. 
The corporate head office for the Shanghai Oasis Investment Holding Group is cladded with LUNDHS Ocean, too. Wei Guang and Bu Tian were stone supplier for this project.
Lundhs expects a bright future for LUNDHS Ocean® and it is very suitable for the Indian market for residential and commercial projects.
For additional  information on  LUNDHS Ocean® and the possibilities to use the material in your coming projects please contact [email protected]