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Author: STC
Article Date: 01.10.2016

Nordic Stone is the new Italgraniti collection that reveals the natural beauty of Burlington stone from the North of England. The fossils, stippling, grains and vein patterns: every tiniest mineral feature, reproduced with absolute accuracy, helps to generate a surface of stunning harmonic beauty. For Italgraniti, attention to detail and aesthetic perfection are only part of the picture. An architectural covering must also be tough and convenient; the Nordic Stone outdoor modules 20 mm thick complete a functional, versatile collection. The two indoor surfaces, combined with carefully calculated patterning and veins, furnish spaces with a simple, immediate natural appeal. The honed finish is silky and soft to the touch, and its tactile strength strikes a constant balance with the subtle beauty of its colouring. The 5 exquisite Nordic Stone colours are ideal for responding to and interpreting the large public spaces of contemporary architectural projects. From heavily used areas to the most intimate interior design, Nordic Stone covers and decorates with a disarming elegance.