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Author: STC
Article Date: 22.02.2014

A famous architect said "You employ stone, wood and concrete and with these materials you build houses and palaces that is construction. Ingenuity is at work. But suddenly you touch my heart. You do we good. I am happy and say this is beautiful. That is architecture.”

Great architecture is both aesthetically beautiful and scientifically practical. In the 21st century, we are seeing many such wonderful constructions. Since sustainability in construction is a big issue of present times, it shows up nearly in every design today with architects exploring creative ways to combine eco-friendly measures into their design. The following few building reflect such trend. Absolute World Towers
It is located at Mississauga, Canada, Built by architect Ma yansongthese two tow towers measuring 151 m (50 stories) and 167 m (56 stories) are part of a five building development. Ma Entered an international design competition hosted by the tower's developers Fernbrook Homes and Cityzen and was awarded the project in 2006 in Toranto. Burka Architects designed the interiors alongside engineering firm Sigmund Soudak & Associate.

Al Haneara Tower
It is located in Kuwait City and known as the tallest building in Kuwait measuring 412 m high. The geometry of the interior wall is generated responds to the need to minimise solar heat gain. The wall not only protects the building from critical environmental conditions but also takes on the role of the structural spine of the building.

Barclays Centre
It is located at Brooklyn, Newyork, USA, designed by architect AECOM(Ellerbe Becket) Barclays Centre hosts many concerts, conventions and important sporting events, competing with other famous facilities in Newyork. The Curvaceous design of the building has received mixed renews from architecture criticts but it is undoubtedly a new landmark in Newyork city.

One World Trade Centre
It is also known as Freedom Tower. Located in Newyork city, USA it is a famous architectural landmark for almost a decade. It stands on the site of the former World Trade Centre towers. The construction includes office space, an observation deck, worldclass restaurants etc.

Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre
Located at Baku, Azerbiajan, Heydar Aliyev cultural centre is designed by architect Zaha Hadid. It houses a library, museum and several auditoriums and conference halls. The glass façade ensures that the building gets no tural light. The building lanes in operation in 2012.

Kamppi Chapel of Silence
Designed by K2S architects Kamppi Chapel of Silence is located at Helsinki, Finland. This 378.9 sq m building offers a quite place of contemplation amidst its urban surroundings. The Chaples Walls and all the furniture are made of solid wood. Despite the huge size of the building. The only actual Chaples is located in the wooden bowl. The glass walls of the rest of the building serves as exhibition space.

Mercury City Tower
Located in Moscow Russia, Mercury City Tower is a new landmark of the city and the tallest building in Europe officially. It measures 1,109 feet tall surpassing Londons 'Shard', which had previously held that title. It has been so designed that it looks like it consists of stepped blocks and shimmering silver pink glass.
One Bligh Street
One Bligh is all about sustainability. The building uses recycled rain water to irrigate the plants and flowers spread throughout the free form-shaped building. It is also the first high-rise affie tower in Australia to feature double skin glass façade, which protects the computer-controlled sun shades and allows on abundance of natural light into the building. The building was named the beat tall building in Asia & Australia by CTBUH.

Phoenix International Media Centre
Phoenix International Media Centre is a wonderful concept in sustainability design in a building. Located at Beijing, China. Designed sustainably to collect and filter rainwater and reduce energy consumption, by filtering air naturally. The building has a multipurpose comprehensive and open design which includes office space for broadcasting television and other media industries.

Al Bahar Towers
This wonder in modern architecture is a 29 story office buildings innovative dynamic façade which opens and closes in response to the movement of the sun, reducing solar gain by more that 50 per cent, creating a more comfortable international environment for acceptant and producing a distinctive external aesthetic. The geometric patterns that comprise this gigantic screen include over 1,000 moving wooden elements that contract and expand during the day depending on the sun position.

Pearl River Tower
It is a 309 m tall tower, architecturally designed as a sustainable building, with solar panels, a chiled ceiling system and an under floor air ventilation system. The lower serves as the headquarters for the CNTC Guangdong of Tabacco Company. Pearl River Tower is designed by architect Skidmore Owings & M merrill and is located at Guangdong, China.