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Jotun Paints

Author: STC
Article Date: 22.02.2014

Founded in 1926 in Norway, Jotun is one of world's leading paint manufactures. The group consists of 67 companies and 40 production facilities around the world and is looking at strengthening its presence in India, Outside Europe Jotun has a very strong hold in Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Jotun India Pvt. Ltd. set a shop in India in the year 2005 with an intention of providing a single source solution for all paints and coatings. Jotun's manufacturing plant in Pune has been set up at an investment of US $ 25 million and will have a capacity to produce upto 50 million litres in wet paint and 10,000 metric tonnes of powder coating. Jotun's diverse product range worldwide includes decorative, protective, powder, marine, floor/concrete protection and intumescent coatings, bearing a solid testament to the company's reputation of being truly a single source solution for clients, consultants and contractors alike.

Jotun's prestigious product Jotashield clear can be used on top of any stone structure in order to increase the like span of the structure and give resistance to dirt accumulation.

It is a long lasting top cost based on a special water based silicone binder with low dirt pick-up. It is ideal for enhancing the gloss and durability of the exterior and emulsion products. It can be used as a clear coal on emulsion based paints, painting techniques, metallic and textured systems. The product also acts as a barrier against moisture.

While applying the paint the temperature of the substrate (stone) should be minimum 10oC and at least 3oC above the dew point of the air, the temperature and relative humidity measured in the vicinity of the substrate. Good ventilation is usually required in confined areas to ensure proper drying.

The arena of paints has seen a tremendous change over the years, especially in Asia and the Middle East. The Sales Director for Decorative Paints Mr. Percy Jijiva has endeavored to keep Jotun ahead of the times. Haring joined Jotun Paints in 1991, he has dedicated himself to working and consequently developing the markets in Africa and the Middle East.

Epitomising the pioneer spirit of Jotun Paints, Mr. Jijina was instrumental in engineering the set up of Jotun Paints in India. It was his expertise as country Manager in Decorative Paints that has the company all set to create a niche for itself in India.