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Author: STC
Article Date: 01.07.2017

An international Training Workshop on Green Filler Metal and High-effective Brazing Technology shall be held at Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China for 15 days during October, 2017 for 20 participants. While no training fee will be charged from the international participants for this 15 day training programme, accommodation is also offered free.  
This workshop is being organized by Zhengzhou Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (ZRIME).  ZRIME is engaged in R&D, engineering contracting projects and large scale production and is the largest brazing research institute in China.
Henan province is situated right in the heart of China, covering an area of 167,000 square kilometers with a total population of 100 million, which is the largest of all provinces in China.  Henan is located to the southern bank of the Yellow River, which is their mother river. Chinese ancestors started the civilization here. 
Zhengzhou is the capital and largest city of Henan province in central China.  It serves as the centre of political, economic, technological, and educational of the province, as well as a major transportation hub for Central China.  It was once the capital of Shang dynasty 3,500 years ago, because of that, Zhengzhou is one of the Eight Great Ancient Capitals of China and holds important status of modern mall center in connection with other places.