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Hari Mohan Sharma An Innovator in Stone

Author: STC
Article Date: 01.01.2018

A  modest workshop for manufacture of stone tiles of size 600mm X 300mmX10mm in 1995 has now become a factory with different machines for manufacture for balustrades, pillars, columns, balls, and many special items and artefacts in sandstone designed  and developed by Mr. Hari Mohan Sharma, Director of Siri Maharaja Granites (P) Ltd., Jaipur - an innovator and real  conceptualiser for making  these items to utmost precision.
Besides installing block cutter and polishing machine, he added shot blasting, water jet cutting machine and engraving machine. He was the first to import “FLOW” water jet cutting machine in India. Latest addition has been a balustrade making machine - a  copying machine imported  from China. Pillars, balustrades in diameter from 5cm to 60cm and length from 20cm to 120cm can be made, absolutely identical with good finish. The production capacity is almost 8 times of a lathe machine. Stone balls in diameter from 15cm to 90 cm can also be made
Mr. Ruchir Tiwari, a young entrepreneur specializing in manufacture of special stone artefacts motivated Mr. Sharma to start manufacturing metal coated stone surfaces. This innovative product recently launched is wall & floor slabs and tiles with 400 - 650 microns coating of copper, zinc, brass, iron, steel, aluminum etc.  on sandstone/marble/ wood. Even office table tops can also be made.  Coated slabs can be of size 240cm x 120cm in thickness of 20 or 30mm. 
These fascinating designs, especially metal coated special objects or artefacts have attracted a large number of architects, interior designers and actual users from Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Bangalore, Jaipur. Mr. Sharma is famous for making intricate designs and shapes in stone.
He spends almost 12 hours in the factory in Vishwakarma Industrial Area every day and supervises each process personally so that best quality can be given to his clients.
Sandstone panels installed at Terminal 2 of Chatrapati Shivaji International  Airport, Mumbai demonstrate his talent to almost 3,000 passengers  every day in the departure area. 
He has attended two training courses sponsored by Italian Trade Commission in Italy. He also inaugurated the pavillion of Centre for Development of Stones in Xiamen Stone Fair 2017.