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Author: STC
Article Date: 01.01.2018

There are about 200 small scale industries involved in cutting and polishing of kota stone in Indra Prastha Industrial Area, Kota. A significant quantity of waste from hand-cutting and machine cutting is produced. A large quantity of kota stone slurry is also produced. Both these are health hazards and cause pollution.
Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee, has developed a technology to manufacture floor tiles as well as paver blocks from this waste.  Samples have also been produced by them. This technology shall soon be transferred to local industries.  
It is proposed to set up a plant for manufacture of  tiles of size 30 cm x 30 cm in thickness of  2.5 cm; bricks and paver blocks in an area of 14,620.5 sq m to be allotted by RIICO in IPIA, Kota, for utilization of slurry and waste.
Kota stone slurry, a fine grain powder is generated from kota stone cutting and polishing units. Further, hand-cutting and machine cutting of kota stone tiles also produce side waste.  While some of the bigger pieces from these wastes are used for crazy pattern, remaining is dumped in the unit. A large quantity of both these items are presently lying in each unit as also in the dumping ground. 
K. Vikram Rastogi of Stone Technology Centre, Jaipur has already assessed the availability of kota stone waste and slurry produced by about 200 small scale units involved in cutting, honing and polishing of kota stone slabs and tiles in Indra Prastha Industrial Area, Kota. He has been associated with Pashan Welfare Society to establish a Special Purpose Vehicle. Pashan Welfare Foundation has already requested for allotment of land to Rajasthan State Industrial and Investment Corporation Limited so that the waste and slurry from these units may be collected. A plant for manufacture of floor tiles, bricks and paver blocks would be soon setup. All documents required by Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board have been submitted so as to convert waste into wealth.
Implementation of this project shall reduce air and water pollution; utilize the waste into making useful items and generate employment in manufacturing, loading, unloading and marketing. 
Stone Technology Centre is providing technical support to SPV for their proposals and its implementation.  It is a hoped that this first project of its kind shall be setup within six months.
In the demarcated land, sufficient area shall be reserved for plantation so that there is no pollution. It is hoped that all the existing units in IPIA, Kota shall become members of this SPV and  the waste generated by all shall be used in this plant. 
Stone Technology Centre shall soon promote and publicize the “Waste to Wealth” concept in sand stone, marble and granite processing sector for local entrepreneurs as well as associations in its effort to utilize the waste in producing value added items in the near future.