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Lisca, a lithic virtuosity

Author: STC
Article Date: 01.10.2015

A new marble masterpiece where the designer and company strive to achieve a work of great precision and complexity; an exchange of virtuosities comparable to those of two Jazz musicians challenging one another in a crescendo of technical difficulty and excellence of execution.
Lisca is the new piece by Raffaello Galiotto that Lithos Design showcases for the first time at the fair Marmomacc, within the Digital Lithic Design exhibition. 
This piece is conceived as a space partition permeable to light. The object started as two blocks of thick solid marble joined in a V-like shape; these blocks were cut using numerical control machinery which followed elaborate curved cutting paths on all three dimensions to create a wavy surface. The machine worked on the two sides of the block creating V-like grooves and moulding a folded surface on both sides. The crests of the folds then met to create a series of rhomboidal openings through which light is filtered.
The result is a fluid, unique and fascinating piece which is part of a collection of 12 experimental marble pieces, all designed by Raffaello Galiotto for the Digital Lithic Design exhibition, where producers of machinery and utensils, software houses, marble cutters and quarrymen showcase to an international audience the incredible possibilities offered by new computerised mechanical devices for the processing of lithic material.
Signature Surfaces is the new set of lines of Living, an avant-garde ceramic proposal with author's identity. Likewise, Contemporary Mixtures Surfaces is complemented with Essential and Strato.
The passion we feel at Living for good design has resulted in Signature Surfaces, line which comes from the fusion between the creative talent of great designers and their way of interpreting ceramics, joint with our desire of contributing in the world of interior design and architecture giving cutting edge ceramic solutions. The ending of this collaboration is untold pieces with innovative finishes and textures that grant an exclusive identity to the creation. The personality of the result makes the difference, from the elegance, beauty and sobriety that define the company. A thrilling experience is guaranteed. 
Warp collection rises up as the result of the collaboration between Living and Estudihac. Jose Manuel Ferrero finds its inspiration on the textile world, takes references from the tailors of Savile Row and their meticulousness when working. The tailors' fascinating methodology, who build each piece made-to-measure, is the starting point. 
The author concludes its work on 15x15 cm format pieces, three timeless and elegant pieces and four different finishes. The characteristic design represents a microfilament textile weave; as a distinctive element: its renovated texture consequence of the mixture between fabric and sand. The result is a bespoke ceramic solution set, capable of meeting the most demanding needs from customers who look for creating their own and unique compositions. 
The Contemporary Mixtures Surfaces line reflects the latest trends in interior design and architecture through products committed to present-day needs in habitat equipment. Its lines are characterized by the variety of finishes, innovative elegance, and global identity; it is able to design new ways of relating and communicating with the user, and integrates itself naturally into different settings. They are sophisticated finishes achieved through a game with the material and an evolved design. The result: materials that bring poetry to everyday life. 
Its eleven lines are made up of versatile pieces that are inspired by different materials and finishes: natural and stripped wood, cements and microcements, rolled steel, natural stones, slates, terracottas, glazed effects... Thanks to its uniform thickness and its variety of formats, it lets us combine the lines together, becoming a fitting proposal for interior designers and architects who want to mix materials without any technical problems. 
Within this range of lines, we find two types of products: colored paste stoneware, suitable for outdoors and indoors in formats of up to 180 cm; and white glazed paste, with lengths up to 120 cm. The lines feature the latest trends in color, but are at the same time timeless tonal ranges. It is thus a proposal that is inserted in a timeless setting, living the present and thinking of the future.
Essential arises as a journey back to origins; it evokes the noble essence of terracotta materiality. The handmade imperfection is the unique feature that gives beauty to this collection, which integrated in the actual minimalist and ethereal spaces connects the past with the future. The heterogeneity of clay inspires the different natural and warm tones the set proposes. 
Strato is inspired by and represents the original slate of the Iberian Peninsula. The experience of this land on the material has made possible to select the most beautiful vein and to reveal pieces of unseen elegance. Interpreting the intrinsic characteristics of the material, the delicate relief and careful stratification are highlighted. The collection is presented in three refined and smooth colors, able to create atmospheres full of light and contrast. 
The limestone is the common component in Bera&Beren and Ground. The Catalan and Portuguese limestones inspire the Bera&Beren collection, while the second option uses different material references together with Loire Valley limestones. The result: minimalist, refined and versatile collections made of a series of captivating pieces, with an exquisite and completely unique finish. 
Concrete and polished microcement is the source of inspiration for Floss and Gubi respectively. These collections go back to the origins of industrial design, with a sober style that inspires simplicity. The irregular shade surface gives a unique character to the pieces, full of subletiles and plays of light. 
Lightwood and Tesla collections emphasize the gorgeous nature of oakwood design. The first, clearly follows Scandinavian style thus presents a carefully brushed surface. On the other hand, Tesla evenly combines industrial looks from its slight stripping finished. Each collection features 6 color shades, with huge aesthetic and creative possibilities. 
Mayolica springs from the connection between tradition and ceramics' historical roots; a white clay wall tile line in small, long formats for indoors. Its design is the result of the search for industrial excellence inspired by the typical imperfect beauty of craftsmanship. White&Glass is derived from the same material, collection of pieces with smooth shades and glazes show sophisticated and flawless finishes, either glossy or matte. They represent the key principle of luxury being found in simplicity 
Zero collection is a tribute to versatility, with a contrast metallic finish and wide graphic diversity and two studied shades, light and dark grey. This multifaceted line is suitable for professional environments as well as for cosmopolitan homes.