Event Details

25th Marble Fair , Marble İzmir

Event Date: 27.03.2019 To 30.03.2019
Venue: Izmir, Turkey

Turkish natural stone, which constitutes 40 per cent of the world natural stone reserve, is used all over the world in 650 different colors and textures. Marble Izmir Fair, which is a world-renowned natural stone exhibition, will open its doors in its 25th year with events that will bring the stone usage areas to the fore.  The Fair will support the efforts made about the design of Turkish stone and to make it more preferred throughout the world. 
The fair which is held in one of the most important cities in Turkey in terms of natural stone export, with the display of natural stones from Turkey and different countries, becomes a more splendid platform every year. The fair hosted by Izfas and organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, will play an important role in bringing Turkey to the top of natural stone exports in the near future. 
In 2017, Turkey, which export 2.1 billion USD with 180 countries, contracted 946 million 550 thousand USD with 167 countries in the first half of 2018, one of the most important factors in capturing these figures was the purchase committees from 62 countries at Marble Izmir fair. As a result of tens of thousands of business meetings of industry representatives from all over the world with participants during the fair, agreements were signed for Turkish natural stone exports.
Now it's time for the Turkish stone
Turkish natural stone, along with the power it has gained from thousands of years of journey in Anatolia, will appear in the field of design in the world stage. Turkish stone, which is used in the most extraordinary building designs of the world with its quality and diversity, will say, “I am in every sector encountered in everyday life.” The representatives of the sector have taken action to lead the way to increase the added value of Turkish natural stone and taking part in more projects.
The first International step was the launch of the “I am Turkish stone” campaign launched by Istanbul Mineral Exporters' Association at MIPIM Real Estate Exhibition, which brings together the real estate sector and architecture companies in Cannes, France every year. Considering the quality and diversity of the Turkish natural stone, Aydın Dinçer, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, started the campaign with the words ‘We want to introduce Turkish marble to the whole world by branding. We can integrate our natural stone with the world of design.
Then, 24th Marble Izmir Fair, the designer platform it organizes, within the scope of architects meeting sector chats, natural stone forum and the Turkish natural stone production process in accordance with the world standards should be conducted with the presentation of the Natural Stone Institute, the Turkish natural stone's usage areas and standards and the local participants and visitors were informed. Representatives of the natural stone industry from all over the world are calling on to evaluate the sectoral problems and act together to promote the use of natural stone and to improve quality and architects and designers gives a message of the world's oldest building material, natural stones should be used more widely in projects. In addition, young talents have created designs that can guide the future of the sector with the projects they produce for the use of Turkish natural stone.
Turkish stone changes shape
Marble Izmir Fair, which introduces itself with the slogan “experience in natural stone source” all over the world, will mark the sector with the International Stone Congress while completing its quarter century. Within the scope of the congress, presentations will be made on the use of natural stone from the ancient period to the present and the future, the importance of stone in contemporary architectural design, the cultural dimension of stone, the design of innovative methods in stone production and the use of stone in mosaic design. Besides, workshops and various activities will be carried out on the use of stone and its design process. In addition, the Natural Stone Institute will open a booth with a team of 40 people during the exhibition and train the local firms for the use of natural stone usage standards. The World Stone Forum, consisting of representatives of the natural stone industry from all over the world, will be held again this year. The design future of the sector For the Young Creative Ideas Platform, applications have started. The platform brings together students and new graduates of the design and Architecture Department of universities in various cities of Turkey with leading companies in the sector and the sector will strengthen with new designs and will encourage original designers to create innovations in international markets.
27 – 30 March, 2019 Marble İzmir Time
Marble Izmir Fair, between 27-30 March, will open its doors for a quarter century. The fair, which is the largest natural stone fair in the world, will enter the quarter-century with the targets and works for the use of the Turkish natural stone by increasing the added value.