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News Date: 01.10.2017

Classic Marble Company (CMC) has announced the launch of a new product titled Village in the large size porcelain tiles segment- Techlam. The designer tile Village reminisces with the old style deco and plays pure nostalgia. The avant-garde tiles are as much attractive in design as they are in function. Inspired from wood grain and composed into a rich fusion of a variety of shapes and colours, the tile brings out the laid back, quirky charm of the country side. The recurrent patterns on each slab merge and break in symmetries while the colours repeat at spontaneous intervals creating infinite spaces with a minimalist setting.
The laid out tiles offer an uber cool painterly appeal which speaks of tranquillity and calm of the space. The versatility of the tile allows it to be used in interior and exterior floors and walls as well as in surfaces for countertops and tables offering an endless number of application possibilities. Its large-format makes installations seamless offering continuity in patterns which subtly blends with the décor of the applied space. Additionally these tiles are resistant to heat, fire  and also to scratching.  Its colours remain intact over time without any fading or discolouring.
Techlam tile is available in the standard format of 3000mm × 1000mm in 3 mm thickness.