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National Association Le Donne Del Marmo

News Date: 01.01.2018

National Association Le Donne del Marmo was established in 2006 for exchange of know-how, languages and experiences of woman entrepreneurs and industrialists who value cultural, social and artistic meanings related to marble. 
This organization  welcomes women who work in marble sector and  want to involve themselves in its promotion in cultural and inter-disciplinary  dimensions.  
The Association creates sharing, comparing and participation, putting in motion the  different sensibilities and professional singularities on a course  towards common growth. 
Donna Del Marmo Award 2017 on “The Use of Stone in Bioarchitecture -  An Holistic View” was given on Opening Day of  Marmomac 2017 on 28th September, 2017.   Ms. Tiziana Scaciga, President, The National Association Le Donne del Marmo, introduced Speaker Arch. Anna Carulli.   The meeting was very well attended.  Various marble artefacts prepared by women were displayed at Galleria Dei Signori  between Pavilion 11 and 12 in Marmomac.  Media Partner was L’INFORMATORE DEL MARMISTA.
It was a unique event  involving women  in marble manufacturing and trading with their interest in cultural activities.