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News Date: 01.10.2018

Shri Manoj Kumar Singh of Metro Granite & Marble Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore has been elected as Vice President, Federation of Indian Granite & Stone Industry (FIGSI) as also Chairman, STONA 2020.  He has a long innings as office bearer of FIGSI.  He served FIGSI as Executive Committee Member for eight years, which included his responsibility as Treasurer of FIGSI from 2014 to 2018.  Because of his administrative and managerial acumen, he was elected as Deputy Chairman of STONA 2014 and STONA 2016.  He then worked as Co-Chairman of STONA 2018 as a close associate of Shri Ishwinder Singh, Chairman STONA 2018. 
Due to recession number of exhibitors are decreasing in international fairs held across the globe and some of the international fairs have already disappeared.  However, domestic market in India is large. It is hoped that innovative efforts made by Indian quarry owners, processors and artefacts manufacturers would attract buyers of stones, machines, tools in STONA 2020.  It is also hoped that a large number of exhibitors from abroad will display their products in STONA 2020.
Shri Manoj Kumar Singh has a challenge to take STONA 2020 to new heights with increased number of exhibitors and visitors, so that increased volume of business is transacted.  His efforts will, no doubt, bring in large number of foreign buyers as well for the benefit of Indian exhibitors.
TARIFFS UP TO 178.45% ON CHINESE QUARTZ LEVIED BY USA The USA has imposed hefty import tariffs on Chinese quartz.  The tariffs are reported to be equivalent to the subsidies the manufacturers receive from the Chinese Government.  There could be additional penalties as a result of  a dumping complaint made by US quartz manufacturer Cambria, whose products are sold in the UK by stone wholesaler Granite Granite Limited. 
There are more than 20 manufacturers of quartz surfaces in India At present quarts surfaces exported from India have tough competition with China.  With imposition of  hefty tariffs on Chinese quartz surfaces, Indian manufacturers would be benefited.  
Most of the Indian manufacturers have been utilizing Chinese technology.  Indian manufactures have to improve the quality of their products with latest innovations in design, pattern, colour etc. so that a large quantity of quartz surfaces could be exported with same pattern, design and colour which would exactly match most popular marbles of the world.