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Red Dot Design Award chooses LEVANTINA's TECHLAM® for the

News Date: 01.04.2016

Levantina's Techlam Strattos Collection has been chosen for the 2016 Best Product Design Award by the prestigious jury of the Red Dot Design Awards. The jury, made up of 41 members from all over the world, are designers, professors and specialist journalists, and chose Levantina's porcelain Strattos Collection from more than 5,200 products from more than 57 countries.
Techlam® is the first thin, large-format porcelain to be  manufactured in Spain and is sold in tiles 3mm and 5mm thick up to 1000 x 3000mm. Techlam®'s wide range of colours and its ability to go with other materials as well as its durability, hygiene and flexibility make it a product which has many possible applications and many admirers all over the world. It is used for exterior paving and flooring, for interior walls and facades and for other decorative uses.
The experts on the jury awarded the prize to the Strattos Collection which as well as having all the advantages mentioned above, represents a considerable amount of work in the development of the product. The digital printing process has created a product which is tailored to the needs of the market with an industrial aesthetic with the cracks and veining of cement which gives it a rough texture which transports you to a world of natural sensations.
The jury evaluates the products based on the most stringent standards in the world using selection criteria which focus on the technical, industrial, social and environmental aspects of every product. Techlam®'s innovative digital printing, its versatility of use, its durability  and its 100% natural composition which means that it does not emit any noxious substances to the environment, are the properties which won Techlam the prize. 
Francisco Herrera, Techlam Product Manager, showed his satisfaction on hearing of the prize: "We are very happy with the results we are achieving after a great deal of hard work by our team and every single one of Techlam®'s components has made this product  possible. This award is the best recognition of our work."
About Levantina:
Levantina has pioneered the manufacturing of oversized porcelain tiles in Spain aimed at both refurbishing and new-build projects. Some projects worthy of mention include the Corinthians Stadium, underground stations in Prague and the Hilton Hotel in Times Square. The multinational, which was founded in 1959, owns the biggest deposit in the world of Crema Marfil marble, located in the Province of Alicante. It currently owns numerous quarries, seven factories and 25 own distribution warehouses. Its portfolio contains more than 200 different materials, among which Spanish domestic marbles and Brazilian granites are of particular note. It exports to more than 110 countries in the European Union, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia.