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News Date: 01.10.2016

MIA+BSI has released a new video, Natural Stone Installation: Best Practices for Safety and Success. This video is the Institute's first collection of video modules focusing solely on installation safety, highlighting the fact that there is a striking difference between shop safety, where the environment is familiar, and being on location, where each setting is different and requires a clear plan of action. Completed as part of the 2016 Safety Initiative set forth by the Institute's safety committee, 8 modules are included in the video, addressing the following topics:
Overview of installation safety
Identifying safety concerns early in the process
Requirements for personal protective equipment
Installation case studies
Best practices for material loading and unloading
Manpower and equipment
Large-scale commercial installations
Tile-setting best practices
Modules are self-contained and arranged so that they can be watched individually or as part of an overall installation safety program. MIA+BSI Vice President Jon Lancto commented: "This is a great training resource for anyone sending installers into the field. Training our installers to be safe and professional can only enhance the value of our products and help retain great employees.".