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News Date: 01.10.2016

The Italian company brings two innovative 
projects that explore the undiscovered potential of sintered stone.
Lapitec returns to Marmomacc for the second year and offers two new interpretations of the material. Born as the ideal choice for cladding, large surfaces, kitchen worktops, feature walls and design items, the full body sintered stone continually takes on new challenges. At Verona, there will be two different types of innovation. The first is an artistic project in which Lapitec® features in ten pictures in combination with natural stone, creating a visual with great aesthetic impact: the colours, the textures given by the material's finishes and the rhythmic alternation with stone create elegant and refined works of art. 
The second offering brought to Verona is more about the new technological prospects. It is a prototype kitchen created by minotti cucine, where the beauty of natural stone meets Lapitec® and the most innovative appliances. In fact, the work top hides a refrigerated area for keeping food fresh, while an induction hob is completely invisible under another area of the top. Minotti cucine is the worldwide reference in the kitchen design , thanks to its philosophy based on the values of visual silence, the objectivity of beauty and fashion beyond fashion.  
"What visitors will see at Marmomacc", explains Michele Ballarin, Lapitec's Director of sales and marketing, "is sintered stone's concrete expression of aesthetic and functional versatility. Its ability to blend in perfectly with the natural stone opens up new horizons for combinations not seen before; moreover, new technologies applied to kitchen worktops explore the potential for spaces that are functional while improving the comfort of our homes."